INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT CATALOG- For information on available industrial items please click on the links below:


All Purpose Cleaners
All Purpose Cleaners with Bleach
All Purpose Cleaners Pine
Freezer Cleaners
Gum Removers
Vandal Mark Removers
Glass Cleaners - Ammoniated
Glass Cleaners - Non Ammoniated
Electronics Cleaners
Furniture Polish
Metal Polish
Oven and Grill Cleaners
Hand Dishwash Liquid
Hand Dishwash Powder
Bar Glass Sanitizers
Machine Dishwash
Laundry Detergents Liquid
Laundry Detergents Powder
Stain Removers
Fabric Softeners
Aerosol Disinfectants
Liquid Disinfectants
Restroom Cleaners
Tub and Tile Cleaners
Lime Scale Removers
Bowl Cleaners
Drain Maintainers
Deodorant Blocks
Rim Hangers
Urinal Blocks
Urinal Screens
Urinal Screens with Blocks
Powder Deodorants
Liquid Deodorants
Aerosol Deodorants
Plug-In Deodorants
Solid Deodorants
Aerosol Deodorant Systems
Gel Deodorant Systems
Insect Repellent
Fly Traps
Mouse Traps
Vehicle Wash
Coil Cleaner


Bar Soaps
Powdered Soaps
Liquid Soaps
Lotion Soaps
Foaming Soaps
Antibacterial Soaps
Hair and Body Shampoo
Industrial Soaps
Hand Sanitizers
Hand and Face Wipes
Skin Cream
Soap Dispensers

Hard Floor Care

All Purpose Floor Cleaners
Wood Floor Cleaners
Dust Mop Treatment
Concrete Cleaners
Tile Cleaners
Floor Strippers
Neutral Cleaners
Floor Finish
Spray Buff
Ice Melt

Carpet Care

Carpet Cleaners
Spot Removers

Paper Products

Toilet Tissue
Jumbo Toilet Tissue
Interfolded Toilet Tissue
Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Facial Tissue
Roll Towels
Centerpull Towels
Kitchen Roll Towels
C-Fold Towels
Multifold Towels
Singlefold Towels
Windshield Towels
Roll Towel Dispensers
Centerpull Towel Dispensers
Folded Towel Dispensers
Sanitary Napkins
Napkin Receptacle Liners
Napkin Receptacles
Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines
Toilet Seat Covers
Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers
Baby Changing Tables
Bath Mats
Hand Wipes
Moist Towelettes


Disposable Gloves
Work Gloves
Back Support
Knee Pads

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Wipes
Hand - Body Wipes
Scouring Pads
Pad Holder Kits
Stainless Steel Scrubbers
Grill Cleaning Tools
Scrub Brushes
Counter Brushes
Toilet Bowl Brushes
Floor Drain Brushes
Vehicle Brushes
Floor Scrub Brushes
Corn Brooms
Angle Brooms
Floor Sweeps
Arm Brace
Broom Handles
Dust Pans
Lobby Dust Pans
Lambswool Dusters
Dust Mops
Dust Mop Frames
Dust Mop Handles
Looped End Mops
Cut End Mops
Deck Mops
Mop Handles
Sponge Mops
Alternative Mop Systems
Mop Wringers
Mop Buckets
Mop Bucket Wringer Combos
Smartcolo Cleaning Systems
Restroom Cleaning Kits
Wax Applicators
Floor Signs
Window Squeegees
Floor Squeegees
Squeegee Accessories
Extension Poles
Window Cleaning Kits
Hand Tools
Utility Knives
Spray Bottles
Trigger Sprayers
Tool Racks
Step Stools
Janitor Utility Carts
Maid Caddies

Can Liners and Containers

Can Liners
Waste Baskets
Trash Containers
Recycling Containers
Smoking Urn Ash and Cigarette Containers
Utility Trucks
Platform Trucks

Floor Equipment

Floor Pads
Carpet Bonnets
Floor Machines
Carpet Cleaners
Air Movers
Upright Vacuums
Portable Vacuums
Backpack Vacuums
Vacuum Accessories Parts
Floor Sweepers


Entrance Matting
Anti-Fatique Matting
Bathroom Matting