At Pinnacle, we are committed to environmental awareness and responsible (green) practices. We recognize that our actions and business practices have an impact on the environment around us. We proactively search for ways to upgrade our business processes and procedures in order to reduce any harmful effects our activities may have on our planet. Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction with the products and services we provide, while constantly exploring ways to improve our performance.
Here are some of the initiatives we have taken to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • We actively search out and partner with manufacturers who offer environmentally friendly products and strive to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • We have implemented more efficient delivery truck routing and GPS use to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Our drivers have been equipped with electronic signature capture devices to reduce paper use.

  • We have instituted a recycling program for cardboard to reduce waste and provide input material for manufacturers.

  • We have an ongoing education program for all of our employees so that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to help you make informed choices in order to achieve your environmental goals.

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